Success Stories

Here are some Chiropractic Success Stories our practice members wanted to share with you!


"I had never received chiropractic care before because I thought it was bone cracking. I was wrong!! Before
starting my chiropractic care I could not bend over to touch my toes. My back pain took me out of the Ottawa 67's hockey line-up. Since being under chiropractic care my skating stride is a lot better. I am playing with no pain! What has most impressed me about the service at Orleans Gardens Chiropractic are the chiropractic tables and the doctors explain everything extremely well with great examples."

Ottawa 67's Hockey Player, age 19

Emily's Chiropractic Journey

My 9 year old daughter Emily had been having trouble hearing. She was diagnosed with a partial hearing loss in one ear. The ear specialist was not sure of the exact cause of the hearing loss but suspected fluid build up was the cause. He wanted to put tubes in Emily's ears. Emily was scared of having any type of surgery and as parents, we were concerned as well.

Emily's Grandfather is a patient of Dr. Mike's and had received information from the office about how chiropractors could help with ear infections and fluid build up in the ear. We talked to the ear specialist and put the surgery on hold for 6 months to see if Dr. Mike could open up the passages and have the fluid drain from the ear naturally.

Dr. Mike explained everything to Emily and she appreciated that Dr. Mike spoke to her in manner she could understand. She felt better after every treatment.

The big day came and we went back to the ear specialist for a hearing exam. The ear specialist was amazed th find the fluid was gone. He wondered what we had done as he had never seen a patient have the fluid drain without the tubes. He was delighted for Emily and said he was going to investigate the chiropractic options. We were thrilled ... no surgery!

Emily is now 11 years old and hears perfectly. She also feels that the adjustments s help her in her sports, ringette and soccer. Dr. Mike always seems to know when she had been on the receiving end of some "body contact" incident in ringette. She has even commented after some games that Dr. Mike will have something to work on! She loves that Dr. Mike remembers stuff about her life and asks about school and sports.

Emily's Mom

"Before starting under chiropractic care my lower back hurt more and I felt more tired than usual. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have have better recovery for hockey, I am able to stand straighter and breathe a lot better. What I like best about the office are the chiropractic tables."

Ottawa 67's Hockey Player, age 19

"I had suffered through most of my adult life with chronic neck pain that was exasperated by a number of accidents - before I began with Dr. Mike I would literally have days sometimes weeks of being in so much pain it would be difficult to sleep, walk or simply function. Those days became something of the past and I have not experienced that continual pattern of chronic pain since I began getting adjusted. I feel stronger, healthier; headaches have diminished and I have been without that pattern of pain. I find Dr Mike and his team, Michelle and Lise, the epitome of excellent customer service and caring….many thanks to each of you."

Female age 44

"My wife and I are in our early seventies and have been patients of Drs. Lyne and Mike for several years. When we began our chiropractic care, we both suffered from aggravated back pain due to eleven subluxations in all.
Thanks to their professionalism and dedicated care, we now only require a monthly maintenance adjustment and both enjoy a quality lifestyle."

Your grateful patients,
Husband and wife, age early 70s

Coming from a family used to treat any health issues with medications, I have to admit I had my doubts about chiropractic care. I decided to give it a try because I was working long hours, sometimes up to 50 hrs per week, sitting in front of a computer and typing the whole time. After years of that same routine, I started feeling it in my forearms and hands.

I have been a patient of this office for 8 years and I can tell you it's been the best choice I made. Myself and my family as well, are very thankful for your great care and kindness, for your constant training in order to provide your clients with the best and more updated care, for not only always listening to your patients' needs but also, for giving your advice.

Thank you once again, we are very happy to have you as our family doctors and friends and we are always looking forward to our next appointment, because we really feel the benefit of it, right away!

Busy mom, age 42

"I've been going to see a chiropractor for a few years prior to being referred to Orleans Gardens Chiropractic. My level of health has improved since seeing a chiropractor and I'm no longer experiencing the painful and sore upper back problems that have plagued me for years. I am now pain free and have absolutely no issues whatsoever.

Not only do they treat your subluxations, etc... to help you heal, they are all a wonderful source of valuable information relating to all health areas. They truly invest so much of their time and energy towards optimal health and raising awareness to all of their patients, whether it be their famous office workshops or while you are getting your own personal adjustment.

The level of care and commitment shown by the wonderful staff and both Doctor Mike and Doctor Lyne is outstanding. They are all friendly, down to earth, and truly bend over backward to accommodate all of you needs. I have recommended all of my friends and family to Orleans Gardens Chiropractic and I wish them continued success as they are truly a valuable and wonderful asset to the Orleans community."

Female, age 46

"Three years ago my wife and I went on a 2 week road trip... the first day into it I was jumping on a friend's trampoline and really hurt my back. By the time the trip was over I was in so much pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous about the "cracking"! The last stop of the trip we were at my in-laws. They had had great results from chiropractic care and talked me into seeing their chiropractor who made a special trip to his office when it was closed to see me. The major pain stopped. However, soon after it was beginning to hurt. I felt I was too young to be this sore!

I returned home and saw a family doctor who referred me to physiotherapy. I spent a few weeks visiting physio with no improvement. So I went for another few weeks - still no result. The following year I regularly had to get up in the middle of the night because the pain was so bad. Nothing seemed to help. Then we moved to Ottawa and heard about Orleans Gardens Chiropractic through some friends.

My wife has had chronic hip pain and my back was insufferable. We committed to the program and within the first moth I was able to sleep through the nights again. It was like a miracle! That is now 2 years ago and I am still going strong with no back pain at all. My wife has also had incredible results.

We are grateful for the friendly service, warm environment and informative teaching at Orleans Gardens Chiro. We would gladly and have often recommended them to our friends."

Husband and wife, age 33

"I decided to visit Orleans Gardens Chiropractic because I had seen their signs... I was tired of living with back pain and missing out on doing things with my kids.

At first I was skeptical ... due to bad experiences with other offices. I felt that I needed to do something or I would never get better. I walked in one day in tears and the friendly staff assured me I was making the right decision. I put my bad experiences aside and put my trust into Dr. Mike's hands... the best decision I have ever made!!!

Before receiving care at Orleans Gardens Chiropractic it was painful for me to bend over the sink to brush my teeth. I wasn't active because of the pain or fear that it would get worse. I constantly walked around with a frozen bag of peas on my lower back. It was hard to tell my kids I could do certain things and hearing them say to me "Mommy, your back hurts again?"

Since being under Chiropractic care I rarely have any problem anymore and as soon as I feel those old familiar feelings in my lower back I get into to see Dr. Mike right away. I can do anything now, my back doesn't stop me anymore. I am more cautions on the way I sleep, pick up things... I can do more things with my kids!!!

I love that Dr. Mike explains what he is doing and takes the time to answer my questions. I also like the fact that he takes x-rays first so that he knows exactly what the problem is. It is amazing to see the progress! The whole staff is incredible!!! They are friendly and helpful. The whole Team really changed my life and I am thankful I walked into their office over 2 years ago! My whole family goes... including my kids."

Now active mom, age 29

My wife and I decide to seek help because of our back problems. I am Ron and at 19 yrs old I suffered severe back ache from lifting cases of Coca Cola off a truck. Piling them seven high the last one sent an electric back shock to my back. I was in severe pain. As the years went by it got somewhat better. Later on in years the backache recurred. We decided to start taking care of our spine. I am now 73 and my wife 71 and are feeling great without anymore aches and pains. Though I Ron have two discs nearly finished I am no longer in pain. The secret is maintenance. Most people take better care of their car then their body. God didn't build junk when he created us. Let us not let it go to rust.

Ron and Rita, 73 & 71

"I've been seeing Dr. Mike for quite a few years now. I especially appreciated his help when I suffered a lower back injury... he was instrumental in getting me back into form so that I could function. Being self-employed it was crucial that I get back on track fast which I did. I value his expertise and appreciate the TLC he has given to my spine! He is a true professional who strives to stay abreast of current trends in the chiropractic field as well as other natural and holistic remedies. His great disposition and personal care towards his patients makes the visit that more enjoyable. Kudos are also extended to his great staff for their patience and friendly demeanor."

Merci infiniment pour les excellents soins prodiguées.

Female, age 51

"I have been coming to the Orleans Gardens Chiropractic clinic for the last eight years. Initially, I went to the clinic because of a painful back, but after successful treatments I continued going for adjustments to maintain my general well-being. I find both Drs. Lyne and Mike and Lise and Michelle friendly and helpful and wish to assure them that I will continue to attend the clinic in the future.

Male, age 75

"It happened suddenly in 1989 while living in Toronto. One day I woke up and could not move my neck. I could barely get myself out of bed. I attended a walk-in clinic to see a medical doctor for the pain. The doctor looked at me, did not touch me but handed me a prescription for painkillers and told me to come back in two weeks! Someone I worked with recommended their chiropractor. I was skeptical as all I knew about chiropractors was that they "cracked" your neck but I was desperate. Off I went to see my co-worker's chiropractor. I simply could not believe how the chiropractic doctor was able to manipulate my neck and make it better almost instantly. I then moved to Ottawa and knew I had to find a chiropractor. I received a brochure in the mail for chiropractic care. The picture on the brochure was that of Dr. Mike, Dr. Lyne and their children. I knew right away that I could trust these doctors with my health and called for an appointment. That was in 2001 and I have never felt better. I truly believe it is because of Dr. Mike's that I not only am I free of any neck pain but have not been sick with a cold or flu since seeing for regular adjustments."

Female, age 46

I first heard of the services provided by Orleans Gardens Chiropractic through friends from hockey and some of my relatives. I had been going through a lot of stress at work and made a decision that I needed some help to keep up with this fast pace lifestyle. When I first contacted Dr. Mike, I must admit that I was impressed with the attention I received and how quickly he managed to arrange for an appointment to provide his initial assessment. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little skeptical of the approach he would take to help me get better. From my first discussion with Dr. Mike, I felt reassured that I was doing the right thing. Prior to my decision, I felt stressed; I had lower back pain and stiffness in my neck. Although I am still having some difficulty with my neck pain, over the last few months, I have felt improvement in my lower back and my overall posture. I have come to understand that it does take time to heal; I certainly intend to complete the series of recommended adjustments.

The Orleans Gardens Chiropractic team is an organization that truly understands the meaning of client services, by treating us the clients with a friendly approach, professionalism and flexibility in scheduling.

Female, age 41


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Before starting under chiropractic care my lower back hurt more and I felt more tired than usual. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have have better recovery for hockey, I am able to stand straighter and breathe a lot better. What I like best about the office are the chiropractic tables"
    Ottawa 67's Hockey Player, age 19